Friday October 18th, 2013 at 2640 Space

(Revised 09/20/13)



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— The event will host three independent competitions:

    1. Homebrew
    2. Vegetarian Chili
    3. Chili con Carne

— Competitors may enter multiple competitions if they wish. Entrants in the Homebrew competition must be at least 21 years old.

— Registration as a competitor requires a single, nonrefundable $10 deposit regardless of how many competitions you wish to enter. Upon arrival with your brew and/or chili contest submissions, you will receive a large competitor-only tasting glass and are entitled to unlimited tasting.

— To enter, complete an online entry form and pay the deposit as soon as possible. There is no entry deadline, but online registration will be limited to 60 entries, and accommodation of walk-on entries is not guaranteed.

— Please note that only one person is eligible for admission per competition entry. If additional people are coming with you, they must either be independently registered as competitors and bring their own contest submissions, or they must purchase general-admission tickets in advance or at the door.



— QUANTITY: Competitors must supply more than one half-gallon (64 fluid ounces) of brew/chili for each competition they enter, with no maximum. Large quantities are definitely recommended (see Judging section below; e.g. historically we’ve found that the Homebrew winners generally brought 1 case or more).

— STYLES: All styles are welcome; “ChiliBrew” doesn’t mean we're telling you to bring chili-pepper-beer! There are no style requirements or guidelines except that everything must be homemade (not prepackaged) and safe for consumption in moderation. Competitors may submit multiple styles/recipes of brew/chili within a single competition without increasing the minimum total quantity needed to enter (see Judging to clarify how multiple styles are evaluated).

— BREW CONTAINERS may not have commercial product labels (neither attached to the container, nor printed directly on it as with Rogue/Stone/Corona), but labels made by entrants and/or containers with embossed markings (such as Samuel Adams’) are acceptable. Any size or type of brew container is OK: bottle/growler/keg/etc., so long as anything needed to get the brew out of it is also supplied.

— VEGETARIAN CHILI submissions may not contain any meat or animal byproduct that requires the death of the animal to produce, and submissions with dairy or eggs must be labeled as such. We encourage Vegetarian Chili entrants to be able to answer questions concerning ingredients for tasters who may observe restricted diets. Chili con Carne submissions have no specific ingredient requirements.

— DELIVERY: Competitors should arrive onsite with their submissions at least a half-hour (preferably an hour) before the event officially begins. Otherwise, contact us as soon as possible to coordinate arrangements for delivery of your submissions.

— SETUP AND PRESENTATION: Competitors are themselves responsible for chilling their brew if desired and for keeping their chili at a safe temperature. Access will be provided to electricity, a gas stovetop, and a microwave oven, but plan to have your own extension cord and/or suitable containers to heat in. We will provide tables and chairs for all competitors. If there is anything you would like to be available for judges to enjoy while tasting your submissions (e.g. bread, cheese), you are welcome to supply it to them.

— LEFTOVERS (including empty containers) may be taken home by their entrants, or the event organizers will dispose of them at the end of the event.



— This event is not officially sanctioned by any competitive organization.

— There will be TWO judging panels: (1) All ticketed attendees are judges for the People's Charmingest awards, and each attendee will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite COMPETITOR in each competition; (2) A panel of local celebrity judges will be assigned to each competiton and will rank their top three favorite COMPETITORS whose submissions they tasted.

— All judges for the Homebrew competition must be at least 21 years old. Only Homebrew judges or entrants may taste, handle, or be served Homebrew submissions.

— Each homebrew serving dispensed to a judge is not to exceed 4 fluid ounces. Recommended chili sample size is 2 fluid ounces.

— Judges are not obligated to taste all submissions for the competition(s) they judge. It is recommended that you reserve 4 samples for your competition's celebrity judge panel to taste; event staff will visit your table to collect these and deliver them to the panel.

— Judging will be “hedonistic”-style: judges may use any criteria they wish to evaluate competitors (flavor enjoyment, refinement, appearance, creativity, whatever).

— At the end of the event the celebrity panel judges will submit their ranked lists of the top three COMPETITORS in each category, and all votes from attendees will be tallied. In each competition, the COMPETITORS with the most attendee votes will win that competition's People's Charmingest awards, in ranked order of their vote totals.

— NOTE that the winners of this event are the COMPETITORS, not the recipes. Thus, if a competitor submits multiple styles of brew/chili for a single competition, the judges’ experiences with any or all of those styles may influence their final evaluation of that competitor. Note also that if a competitor’s submissions are depleted before the end of the event, it may impact the number of points he or she can accrue (judges cannot taste what’s already gone, but remember that there is no maximum quantity for submissions).



Winners must be present at the event to claim their prizes unless they make arrangements with event staff for a proxy to receive the prize in their place for later delivery. Unclaimed prizes without a proxy recipient will be allocated to the next-highest finishers in the competition.

— The People's Charmingest Rulers of Brews will receive dollar-denominated awards (e.g. cash, brewshop giftcards) in the total amount of $200 for 1st-place, $100 for 2nd-, $75 for 3rd-, $50 for 4th-, and $25 for 5th-.

— The People's Charmingest Chili Champions (Vegetarian and Con Carne) will each receive dollar-demominated awards (e.g. cash, giftcards) in the total amount of $100 for 1st-place, $75 for 2nd-, $50 for 3rd-, $25 for 4th-, and $25 for 5th-.

— The top three ranked competitors from the each competition's celebrity panel judging will receive awards with total market value of at least $75 for 1st-place, $50 for 2nd-, and $25 for 3rd-.