Chilibrew VII Winners

In case you missed the onsite announcement of favorites from the new "celebrity judge" panels, they are listed below. But first I'd like give a shout-out to our sponsors:

Maryland Homebrew

Nepenthe Homebrew

Baltimore Clayworks

Unioncraft Brewing

We couldn't have done it without them or our co-sponsors, Brewtherville Labs and Ladybrew Baltimore.

Thank you all for participating and making this the biggest and best Chilibrew to date!  We had about 650 people tasting your fabulous chilis and brews. With help from our generous sponsors, Maryland Homebrew, Nepenthe Homebrew, Baltimore Clayworks and Union Craft Brewing, together we were able to raise quite a bit of money for three amazing local DIY groups: Station North Tool Library, Gather Baltimore, and Bikemore.

Below are the final results for the people's choice voting as well as the celebrity judging.

On behalf of everyone involved in planning and executing Chilibrew VII, I hope that you all had as much fun as we did!  Please feel free to drop me a line and let us know what you liked most about the event, as well as any suggestions for how we can make the next Chilibrew bigger, better, smoother, and more fun.


People's Choice: Final Results


#1 Mathew Ducey: Double Ipa, Gluten free ale, Belgian Wit, Coffee Winter Ale
#2 Amy Huntington (tied for 2nd): Irish Red, Nut Brown
#2 Mark Hadfield (tied for 2nd): Milk stout
#4 Ben Schwab: Flanders red
#5 Dave Love: Cucumber Ale

#1 Ed Hax
#2 Les White
#3 Harrison Long
#4 Christina Dragon
#5 Mathew McCann

#1 Vanessa Brown
#2 Lindsay Clark
#3 Julie Gouldener
#4 Kenneth Vetra
#5 Ariella Goldstein


This year on the celebrity beer panel we were thankful to have:
Stephan Fogleman, Chairman of the Baltimore City Liquor License Board (
Liam Flynn, Liam Flynn’s Ale House (
Laura Cohen, Founder of Lady Brew Baltimore (
Jon Blair, Chilibrew VI 1st Place Winner in the Celebrity Beer Judging and the distiller from Blackwater Distilling, makers of Sloop Betty Vodka  (

This year on the chili celebrity panel we were thankful to have:

Joe Edwardsen, chef/owner of Joe Squared
Chad Wells, chef at Alewife (
Jesse Sandlin, chef at Oliver Speck’s (
Spike Gjerde, chef/owner at Woodberry Kitchen (

Celebrity Judging Winners


1st Place - Jason Heinen - Deep Kriek
2nd Place - Dave Love - Cucumber Ale
3rd Place - Matthew Ducey - Imperial IPA

Veggie Chili

1st Place  V-05 Kenneth Vetra
2nd Place V-17 Michael Lambright
3rd Place  V-03 Dan Lagasse
Last Place V-11 Renee Kressler

Chili Con Carne

1st Place  M-23 Les White
2nd Place M-02 Gisela Grammel
3rd Place Tie M-9 Celiza E. Moore
3rd Place Tie M-25 Warren Nichols
Last Place - M-19 Jamie Lukos

This year turned the tables on the celebrity chili judges and hosted the 1st Annual Chilibrew Celebrity Judges Chili Competition. Each of the celebrity judges made chili and all of the Chilibrew attendees and competitors got to judge the celebrity chilis against each other.

1st Place: Joe Squared
2nd Place: Ale Wife
3rd Place: Oliver Specks




Chilibrew VI's Winners:

People's Choice: Final Results

* denotes celebrity judging winner


(place, votes, entry, name)
1 147 H-11 William Weaver *
2 125 H-6 Jon Blair *
3 120 H-9 Greg Krehbiel
4 114 H-5 doug lyford
5 101 H-10 Matthew Ducey, jr
6 97 H-1 Ben Schwalb
7 87 H-4 Dave Love *
8 78 H-7 Laura (Lady Brew Baltimore) Cohen
9 49 H-3 Judy Neff
10 48 H-2 Steve Hulbert
11 45 H-15 Jason Heinen
12 42 H-13 Ryan King-White
13 32 H-14 Ian McDonald
14 25 H-8 nick lindow
15 12 H-17 Thom Roethke
16 9 H-18 Ryan Detter



(place, votes, entry, name)
2 120 C-5 PS Gear
3 79 C-9 Dave McDonough
4 77 C-1 Steve Hulbert
5 74 C-11 Ed Hax
6 71 C-17 Christina Moore
7 63 C-16 Les White *
8 56 C-10 Warren Nichols *
9 45 C-14 Zac Twining
10 42 C-3 Matthew Casella
11 38 C-4 Mickey Dehn
12 38 C-15 Danielle Blake
13 36 C-13 Ryan King-White
14 34 C-8 Matt DeLand
15 21 C-20 Aran Keating
16 17 C-18 Matt Dodd
17 17 C-19 Cheryl Pavlovsky



(place, votes, entry, name)
1 164 V-13 Laura Flamm *
2 108 V-9 Zuravin Russo & Lindsay Clark*
4 72 V-14 Lily Seitz
5 55 V-4 Tracy Dimond
6 50 V-6 Heather Hax
7 46 V-3 Michael Lambright
8 41 V-1 Dave Love
9 40 V-16 Julian Irwin
10 33 V-7 Mia Cellucci
11 25 V-17 Nick Lindow
12 24 V-11 Ginny Duncan
13 23 V-10 Katrina Berg
14 17 V-5 Amanda McCormick
15 13 V-15 Thom Roethke
16 6 V-8 Ryan Dumas


Celebrity Judging Winners


1 H-6 (36 Hr IPA) Jon Blair
2 H-11 (Black IPA) William Weaver
3 H-4 (Sahti) Dave Love


1 C-7 Randy Talbott
2 C-16 Les White
3 C-10 Warren Nichols

1 V-13 Laura Flamm
2 V-9 Zuravin Russo & Lindsay Clark
3 V-12 Ian McDonald