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February Minutes

February 20, 2020 @ Union Craft

Introductions - Old Members/New Faces

Old Business

  • General Meeting Update - Jon
    • Jon sent a letter looking for a more formal approval from the state regulators regarding our homebrew meetings. More to come.
  • Club Shirts - Max
    • Max showed off two possible designs for t-shirt assets. Club offered some feedback.

New Business/Member Announcements

  • Upcoming BaltiBrew Events
    • March - Group Brew @ Kevin’s - Saturday the 28th @ 10AM
      Brew day is still up in the air, but Kevin is excited to have folks to his new brew space.
    • April - Brubakes III @ TBD - Sunday the 19th
      Still in need of a spot. Jon is approaching Union and we discussed a backup plan or two. We will need brewing commitments soon!
    • May - Big Brew @ TBD Saturday the 2nd
      Jon could potentially host. We also discussed options to potentially team up with a local brewery like we did a few years ago.
  • 2020 MALT Bus Trip to Pennsylvania - March 21st
    Bus is about half filled up. MALT is offering a discounted ticket for members of other homebrew clubs. Sign up soon if you want to reserve your spot.
  • Homebrewcon 2020 in Nashville - June 18-20th
  • Brew University - MD Ag Resource Council - February through March

Ed Topic

  • Fermentation 101 - Becky gave an awesome presentation about the science behind fermentation!
  • March/April will be Seibel’s Barrel Aged Sensory Panels!General Member Project - Potluck Beer Styles!
  • Later this year the club is going to coordinate a special homebrew share. Members will participate by choosing a style and brewing one to serve alongside a commercial example! Go ahead and start to think about what style you might contribute!

IRON BREWER – March is Iron Brewer Rye IPA! Bring your entry!

**Homebrew Swap!**

January Minutes

January 16, 2020 @ Union Craft

Old Business

  • 2019 Guild Party
    • Jon stopped by to award us the Best Food Award for Lucy's Beer-imisu cupcakes from the 2019 Guild Party (Evan accepting on her behalf)!
  • Club Officers
    • ChiliBrew Czar - Ciaran and Jacob
    • Ed Czar - Becky
    • Guild Rep - Matt
    • Meeting Czar - Kris
    • Social Secretary - Evan
    • Treasurer - Greg
    • Webmaster - Max
  • Club Shirts
    • Max circulated a sheet to indicate preferences on a t-shirt, work shirt, or both.
  • Meeting Location
    • Thanks to Union for hosting our first meeting of 2020! Jon is in discussions about the homebrew share portion. More information to come.

New Business/Member Announcements

  • 2020 BaltiBrew Calendar!
    • February - Social @ Ministry of Brewing - Saturday the 15th @ 2PM 
    • March - Group Brew @ Kevin’s New Brewshed! - Saturday the 28th @ 10AM
    • March - MALT Bus Trip to Southern PA - Saturday the 21st @ 9AM
    • April - Brubakes III @ TBD - Sunday the 19th
    • May - Big Brew @ TBD Saturday the 2nd
    • May - Guild Picnic & Wheat Beer Competition @ Patapsco State Park - Saturday the 30th
    • July - Social @ Checkerspot then Orioles v. Tampa Bay - Saturday the 18th
    • August - Group Brew & BBQ @ TBD - Saturday the 15th
    • Sept - Zymurnauts Crab Feast @ Goddard - Saturday the 19th or 26th
    • October - ChiliBrew XIV!
    • November - Mead & Cider Buy
    • December - Guild Party @ Heavy Seas - Saturday the 5th
  • Guild Minutes

Ed Topic - Troubleshooting Problems With a Non-Commercial Yeast Strain

IRON BREWER – Jon is the Current Iron Brewer

  • Next up, Iron Brewer Rye IPA in March!


December Minutes

Decmber 12th @ Jon's House

  • De Kleine Duivel is no longer available to us on the 3rd Thursday of the month. They are hosting a recurring burlesque night in that slot now. Max is going to reach out to Waverly about the January meeting. Stay tuned for a location confirmation email.
  • This means that after January we will need to pursue either a venue change or a location change. A number of options were discussed last night. If you have an opinion please ping me! I'll consolidate feedback for the e-board.
  • Baltibrew won Best Food at the Guild Holiday Party thanks to Lucy's Tiramisu Cupcakes! Her dessert was absolutely divine and took home the award over the submissions of 9 other clubs! Baltibrew's food and beers were a big hit  with the attendees.
  • Last but not least, the Holiday Party marks the official acceptance of next years officers. Many thanks to our outgoing board members and a big thank you to everyone who's stepping up to fill a position.
    • ChiliBrew Czar - Ciaran & Jacob
    • Ed Czar - Becky
    • Guild Rep - Matt
    • Meeting Czar - Kris
    • Social Secretary - Evan
    • Treasurer - Greg
    • Webmaster - Max

November Minutes

November 21st @ De Kleine Duivel

Introductions - Old Members/New Faces

Guild Minutes

  • Guild Holiday Party - Saturday December 7 @ Heavy Seas Brewery

Old Business

  • ChiliBrew XIII!
    • Looks like we will donate about $2500-3000 to Baltimore Youth Arts.
    • The committee is unpacking the feedback from this year.
    • Planning started a little later than usual and there were fewer competitors than usual. We sold about 100 less tickets to contract the event.
    • There has been feedback that when the event is smaller, people seem to enjoy it more as there’s more space to socialize. This does mean that we can donate less. And extra 100 tickets would be an extra 3K headed to charity.
    • Fusion Partnerships is a 501c3 that we’ve worked with in the past and expanding that relationship is being looked into.
  • 2020 Baltimore Officer Nomination are Closed
    • ChiliBrew Czar - Ciaran & Jacob
    • Ed Czar - Becky
    • Guild Rep - Matt
    • Meeting Czar - Kris
    • Social Secretary - Evan
    • Treasurer - Greg
    • Webmaster - Max
  • Club Shirts
    • Max has looked into a few options. The cost to digitize the assets for BaltiBrew is between $60-90, work shirts are $30 and sizes XXL and beyond are an extra $6.

New Business/Member Announcements

  • Baltibrew December Holiday Party - Thursday, December 12th!
    • Food! Drinks! No Agenda!
  • FOAM Frederick Brewery Tour, November 30th

IRON BREWER – Battle Milk Stout!

  • Jon defeated Becky, Kris, and Kevin to reclaim the title!

*Homebrew Swap!*

October Minutes

October 17th @ De Kleine Duivel

Ed Topic - Judy from Checkspot!

Judy Neff from Checkerspot brewing spoke and fielded questions about her experiences as a home and professional brewer.

Guild Updates & Upcoming Club Events

  • Homebrew Extravaganza - Wednesday, 10/23 @ Checkerspot Brewing.
    • $10 @ at the door. All proceeds go to BARCS.
    • 10 slots left to enter the competition. Email Judy if interested.
  • Turkey Shoot (MALT) @ Hysteria Brewing
  • Mead Day (Wootown)
    • Saturday November 2 at Snyder’s Apiaries, 4747 Norrisville Rd, White Hall Md.

Old Business

  • ChiliBrew XIII!
    • About 30 competitors and 200 attendees made this event a blast. Updates on the financials to come.
  • Zymurnauts Crabfeast
    • Great event, highly encourage folks to attend next year. A lot of commercial beer this year and the crabs were great.

New Business/Member Announcements

  • Guild Holiday Party - Saturday December 7 @ Heavy Seas Brewery. Watch for an email thread to coordinate. We need to decide soon if we’re going to request a table.
  • 2019 Cider Buy - Watch for an email to gauge interest. We have a contact at Weber’s but we’ll need a decent amount of interest to coordinate a pick up.
  • Club Shirts - Max has been tasked with bringing cost information on the “work-shirt” style to a future meeting
  • Craft Beer Events
  • 2020 Baltimore Officer Nomination are Open
    • ChiliBrew Czar
    • Ed Czar
    • Guild Rep
    • Meeting Czar
    • Social Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Webmaster
    • Greg was nominated to return as Treasurer
  • ChiliBrew's Future - Ian floated the idea of spinning off ChiliBrew to operate under an established philanthropic organization. Both the eBoard and general membership were interested in hearing more so Ian will coordinate the information and bring it back to the club for discussion. 
  • Coor's Light & St. Jude - Evan annouced two upcoming events through Coors in support of St. Jude. A percentage of Coors lights sales will be donated and they will be accepting donations.
    • Tuesday, 10/22 6-8 PM @ Gypsy Queen. Happy Hour and Raffle
    • Friday, 10/25 5-7PM @ Penn & Quill. $20 gets you a carving pumpkin and a Coors.  

Introductions - Old Members/New Faces

IRON BREWER – Kevin is the Current Iron Brewer, Iron Brewer Milk Stout is on for the November Meeting!

Homebrew Swap!