May Minutes

May 21, 2020 @ Zoom

Bad News/Cancelled Events!

  • BJCP course
  • BURP’s Spirit of Free Beer
  • FOAM’s Battle of the Bubbles
  • AHBC’s Pints for Paws
  • All BAM festivals
  • Howard County Fair homebrew competition
  • DC Brewers’ Cherry Blossom competition
  • Wootown’s Mead Day
  • HomebrewCon
  • Great American Beer Festival
  • National Homebrew Competition
    • Entries received were either donated to workers or distilled into sanitizer.
    • Entry fees, but not shipping costs, were reimbursed.
  • Guild summer picnic
    • Even if the park lets us in, 50+ folks in one space will not be feasible.
    • Patapsco State Park should reimburse us if the state guidelines do not allow us to gather, perhaps if we don’t get reimbursed and we are “stuck” with the pavilion, a small group of us can go

Good News & Possible Events!

  • Probrewer Guest - Mobtown dropped in to discuss their journey from idea to brewery.
    • Congratulations to raffle Winners Matt H and Jude. Each got a $50 gift card to Mobtown.
  • Club Shirts - Max - If you want to weigh in on the shirt design, hit up Max’s google form in the next week. Everyone will order individually from the company, pickup to be arranged.
  • Trivia Night - A good time was had. We are looking for ways to stay connected socially this summer.
  • AHA Big Brew Report - Folks who brewed at the virtual AHA Big Brew reported in on how their beers turned out.
    • Official word from Buck: The club founders voted 12-8 to have MASHOUT. “I (Buck) spoke with the property owner and he is okay with us not yet signing a contract yet. Therefore, we have some more time to make a final decision. I feel like June 15th is the absolute latest we can wait to make a decision.”
  • Zymernauts/SPBW/Guild Crab Feast, September 19
    • Right now NASA is at “stage 4” which means no one is allowed there. Stage 3 means employees only. If it gets to stage 2 (everyone allowed) the event could be held at NASA.
    • We could possibly move the event somewhere else, like maybe Centennial Park. Crabs will be available regardless.
  • Guild Holiday Party, Saturday December 5.
    • It’s a long way away so we don’t know yet if/how it will happen. At any rate they will not be soliciting businesses for donations.

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