April Minutes

April 18th @ De Kleine Duivel

Introductions - Old Members/New Faces

Guild Updates

Upcoming Events

  • Big Brew, May 4th! –update from Jude
    We are teaming up with Brewtherville. If you want to join in on a brew or are just planning on dropping by be sure to sign up on their spreadsheet.
  • Guild Picnic & Wheat Beer Competition, June 1st
    Things are looking good for the guild summer picnic at Patapsco State Park. If you are interested in competing in their wheat beer competition, just bring your entry and judging will be organized informally. The event is family friendly and an all around good time.

Old Business

  • Brubakes II Roundup!
    Winners were Becky, Max, & Laura with their Saazon and Pretzels with Beer Cheese. Runner up was Kris with his Lemon Ginger Saison and Hearty Muffin.
    We ended up with about 38 attendees, including 8 at the door.
    Feedback for next year:
    • Trash Cans & Dump Stations
    • Water Station
    • Rags/Towels for spills
    • Paperware for serving
    • Street signage/Sandwich boards
    • Revisit marketing ideas
  • Club gear liquidation is on the calendar.
    No updates for now. The plan is to get the inventory and do garage sale pricing.
  • New quorum: 7 for simple majority, 9 for 2/3 majority

New Business/Member Announcements

Ed Topic - Sensory Mini-Panel Number 1

Becky ran an awesome tasting panel on the following compounds:

  • Diacetyl: Butter, Butterscotch
  • Dimethyl sulfide (DMS): Cooked Corn or Vegetables
  • Isobutyraldehyde: Grainy, Husk-like, Nut-like
  • Eugenol: Spicey, Cloves, Allspice

IRON BREWER – Kris is the current Iron Brewer

Jon challenged Kris to battle Kolsch! Bring your entries to the June meeting!

*Homebrew Swap!*