February Minutes

Baltibrew Monthly Meeting Minutes
February 21 @ De Kleine Duivel

Guild Update - Max

  • The Guild Christmas party went well. They are distributing several thousand dollars amongst the various charities. Max made a note of the odiferousness of Baltibrew’s table location in hopes that they will no assign a club there next year.
  • The guild is coordinating a brew for their 20th anniversary. More to come in the guild minutes.


Upcoming Events

  • March 2nd, Group Brew @ Caiti & Jake’s!
    Looking to coordinate brewers to fill on of Jon’s coolships. If you are interested in brewing or taking home a portion of the finished wort, let us know! Pancakes @ 10AM, brewing to start by noon!
  • MALT Bus Trip, March 23rd https://maltbus.brownpapertickets.com/
    There are still seats left! MALT will depart from the Springhill Suites in Columbia and adventure in Northern Virginia and Frederick. The trip starts at 9:15AM and returns at 9:15PM. General tickets are 50 dollars, friends of MALT can get 10 dollars off with a special discount code.
  • Brubakes, April 14th! - Competitors Needed!
    De Kleine Duivel has giving the okay to host us again! We’re targeting 8 to 12 competitors this year and no more than 60 attendees. The format will stay remain the same, brew a saison and bake something that features the spent grist as at least 10% of the reciepe weight. Be sure to freeze you grain after brewday. We’ll get a site up shortly. More to come!
  • Big Brew, May 4th!
    Jude will coordinate with Brewtherville and provide more information. They seem excited to team up.

Old Business

  • Nepenthe is open! Check it out!
  • Club gear liquidation is on the calendar. It will take some time to organize.
  • New quorum: 7 for simple majority, 9 for 2/3 majority

New Business/Member Announcements

  • New Business Cards - Kris ask for permission to run off 1000 new business cards to update our marketing materials. Vote was passed unanimously by those in attendance (quorum was met).

Ed Topic - Wild Cider & Mead Fermentation! - Caiti

  • Caiti gave a great presentation on wild fermentations with lots of information on making ciders and mead! Notes are attached here along with these additional links Caiti wanted to distribute.


Homebrew Swap!