January Minutes

Baltibrew Monthly Meeting Minutes
January 17 @ De Kleine Duivel

New Officers

  • Meeting Czar – Jon
  • Social Secretary – Jude
  • Treasurer – Greg
  • Ed Czar – Becky
  • Guild Rep – Max
  • Chilibrew Czar – Caiti (et al)
  • Webmaster – Kris

Overview of 2019 Events

  • Friday, February 15th - Baltibrew Invades Nepenthe
  • Saturday, March 2nd - Spring Group Brew @ Caiti’s
  • Saturday, March 23rd - MALT Bus Trip to Virginia Breweries
  • Sunday, April 14th - Brubakes!
  • Saturday, May 4th - AHA Big Brew
  • Saturday, June 1st - MD Homebrew Guild’s Picnic & Wheat Beer Competition 2 Patapsco St Partk
  • Saturday, July 13th - Lyft Trip to HoCo Breweries - Sapwood Cellars, Black Flag
  • August TBD - MashOut
  • September TBD - Zymurnaut’s Crab Feast @ Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Saturday, September 21st - Fall Group Brew @ Jon’s
  • Friday, October 11th - Chilibrew XIII
  • November TBD - Cider Buy and Wootown’s Mead Day
  • Saturday, December 7th - MD Guild’s Holiday Party
  • Thursday, December 12th - Baltibrew Holiday Potluck (No Regular Meeting)

Old Business - Bylaws Amendments passed!

  • Fewer officers
  • No more club gear…Auction?
    We’d like to get a list together of what’s in Balitbrew’s inventory and then see what format makes the most sense to divest it.
  • New quorum: this month it’s 7 for simple majority, 9 for 2/3 majority

Meet the New Ed Czar

  • Becky has many things planned for this year. Caiti will be talking about wild fermentation at the next meeting and Judy from Checkspot will be coordinating a visit later in the year.
  • The sensory seibel kit will be done at the general meeting, probably split out between 3 or 4 dates so all club members have the chance to participate.

Next Iron Brewer?

  • Kris’ challenged Jon to battle Hefeweizen. Judging will be at the March meeting!

New Business/Member Announcements

  • Max’s Sour Wild Ale Day – Feb 18
  • Online engagement - Kris looked at some statistics and facebook does get us much engagement. Far more eye’s came to the site from posting on reddit. Greg advocated for trying a meetup group. It’s 10/15 dollars a month depending on the subscription level. We trimmed the IT costs down about that much last year by moving to new hosts and consolidating things so we’ll apply the savings to that for a while. Greg will follow up.

*Homebrew Swap!*