April Minutes

Baltibrew General Meeting

April 19, 2018 @ Nepenthe

  • Introductions

  • Brübakes Competition Update, April 22nd @ De Kline Duvel - Jon

    • https://www.eventbrite.com/e/baltibrew-presents-brubakes-tickets-43690968864

    • Contest is this Sunday @ 2PM.  Jon will arrive a bit early to get set up.  Competitors should look out for an email to coordinate.  Please promote the event amongst your friends and in your social media feeds.  We’ve sold 25/50 attendee tickets through the web portal so far which is pretty decent for pre-sale numbers.

  • Bylaw Revisions - Quick Update - Kris

    • The e-board has been working up the rest of the bylaw changes.  We will discuss them at the next e-board meeting and look to bring them to the club for a vote in the next few months.

  • Discussion on upcoming Baltibrew Events

    • May 5th - Big Brew @ Nepenthe

      • Jude and Jacob are interested in doing a brew @ Nepenthe.  Permits have not yet been acquired for the parking lot but Nepenthe will follow up.  Look for an email thread to coordinate. Cairan will not be there to work logistics, so that will fall to the club.

    • May 6th - 2018 Big Brew w/ Brewtherville @ BC Brewery

      • Several folks are interested in dropping in on Brewtherville’s big brew event.  It is a small group and they will coordinate amongst themselves.

    • June 9th/10th - Sensory Classes @ Jon's

      • Jon is hosting 2 days of tasting panels in June.  The first day will be faults and the second will focus on barrel flavors.  Each panel will consist of 15 different compounds. Cost will be set at $35 dollars for both days, $20 for one day.  Seats are limited to 20 per day and the tastings run from 12-3PM. Tasters should plan to arrive 20 minutes early so the panel can begin on time.

  • Other New Business/Member Announcements

    • If you need to pay dues please see Greg or visit the website to pay via the paypal link.
  • Education - Kris

    • 2018 Baltibrewer Survey Results!

      • Result summary in attached document.  2018 Baltibrew Survey Results

      • There was interest in providing the opportunity for more focused feedback during the homebrew swap section of meetings.  We will draft a feedback form that brewers seeking comment can place on any beers they want detailed notes from others.

    • Baltibrew Yeast Capture! - feat. Christoph & Becky

      • The big 2018 education project is an attempt to capture and isolate a pure strain of saccharomyces from Baltimore.  Kris and Christoph distributed 15 capture kits to club members. A protocol sheet was included in the kits and reviewed at the meeting.  This portion of the activity centers around getting a large sampling of organisms from the area for Christoph and Becky to plate out. Please bring successful captures to the next meeting for lab work.

      • If successful isolate a good brewing yeast we will try to incorporate it in the historical Baltimore beer education project later this year.

    • Water Survey Collection

      • Jude, Greg, and Christoph provided water samples from Hampden, Fells Point, and Lutherville.  Becky and Max will provide a sample from Riverside. Kris is probably going to coordinate a tour of one of the water processing plants for his family in the next month.  He will let the group know when that is in case anyone wants to join.

  • Iron Brewer - Tea!

    • We had three entries for Iron Brewer Tea, the winner being Will’s Chai Saison!

    • Details on the next Iron Brewer competition will come at the May meeting.