February Minutes

Baltibrew General Meeting

February 15, 2018 @ Nepenthe

  • The 2018 Baltibrew Event Calendar

    • March 24th - MALT Bus Trip to Philly

      Malt has provided a code for a discount to Guild Members. Let’s get out there and support another club’s event!  Purchase tickets @ https://maltbusbalt.brownpapertickets.com/.

    • April 22nd - Brübakes Competition @ De Kline Duvel

      We are looking to start a spring event for BaltiBrew. Jon is going to coordinate an event, hopefully at De Kline Duvel, in April. The idea is to pair a brewer and a baker and produce a siason and a baked good featuring the spent grain from the beer. The baked good must be 10% spent grain by weight. Looking for 6-8 competitors. It will be an Sunday afternoon event with the attendees choosing the winners. More information to come.

    • May 5th - 2018 Big Brew

      Nepenthe is not sure they will be hosting a Big Brew event this year so we may need to either find another venue or join up with another club.

    • June 9th/10th - Sensory Classes @ Jon's

      Jon is going to do his sensory classes again in June. This year Siebel has released some new flavor profiles specific to barrel aging which Jon will evaluate and may incorporate into the sessions. Price will be set to recoup costs and should be close to 40 dollars for both sessions. More information to follow.

    • July 27th - Baseball Os vs Rays Group Outing

      Kris and Detter will coordinate a block of tickets for the Friday night Os game. We could potentially drop in on Suspended Brewing in Pigtown before the game.

    • August TBD - BalitBrew Bus Brewery Trip

      Jacob/Greg will be coordinating a brewery trip with the destinations TBD. Ideas include a trip to check out the DC scene or visiting Key and some Baltimore suburb breweries. This event will be open to Guild members.

    • September 1st - BBQ and Group Brew @ Jacob's

      A potluck BBQ and Brew at Jacob’s in Towson to kick off the fall season!

    • October 12th - ChiliBrew XII!!!!!!

      Ciaran and Jacob will be leading the ChiliBrew charge this year. The event will be run similar to previous years.

    • November TBD based on pressings - Cider Buy/Honey Buy w/ Wootown

      In the past we had sent a pretty large contingent to Wootown’s honey buy in White Hall. It’s a great event on a big farm/apiary and they have great quality and affordable honey. Additionally, our cider buy from Weber’s was a big success last year so we’re going to reciprocate by opening it up to Guild members. More details to come later in the year.

    • December 12th - Christmas/Holiday Party

      A potluck in place of the monthly meeting. Business will be light and the event moved forward a week so members do not need to choose between this event and other holiday obligations.

  • Introduction of new attendees

  • Bylaw Revisions

    • Update to Quorum Rules

      The current bylaws have set the definition of quorum high enough to where the club can no longer hold a votes. A proposal was made among in those in attendance to redefine a quorum as “any dues paying and interested member” where interest is loosely defined as “has attended a meeting, conversed on the listserve, or generally expressed interest in the club in the last several months.” The in attendance membership voted to accept this new definition. The specific language of this change will be brought before the in attendance member next month.

    • Potential Bylaws Updates

      The following bylaws changes were proposed in order to simplify club business and to reflect the smaller member count. Members discussed the potential changes and each change will be formally drafted for an individual vote at future meetings.

      • Remove Brewmaster position, Merge Secretary/Scribe Duties into Meeting Czar
      • Elections are only for positions where member wants to step down or is challenged
      • Move elections to fit with Jan-Dec timeframe (announce in Oct, vote in November)
      • Voting Procedures - Allow two weeks for proxy votes via email and tally votes at meeting; Reduce online balloting
      • Quarterly E-board Planning Meetings
  • Acceptance of New Officers/Thank You to Outbound Officers!

    • The in attendance members voted to accept the slate nominees as the 2018 officer core.
    • Brewmaster - Jon Blair
    • Chilibrew Task Czar - Ciaran Ussher
    • Education Czar - Kristofer Quinn
    • Monthly Meeting Czar - Vacant
    • Free State Homebrew Guild Representative - Nate Remlinger
    • Quartermaster - Vacant
    • Secretary - Vacant
    • Social Secretary - Jacob Wolf
    • Treasurer - Gregory Schwender
    • Website Coordinator - Jude Finnell
  • BalitBrew Website Update - Jude

    • Watch out for changes to the website. We will be sunsetting some unused sections and generally cleaning things up. Event planning and chatter will move to the Facebook page.
  • Social Update - Detter

    • Max's Belgian Beer Fest (2/16 - 2/19) - Friday is the big Belgian Day, Saturday morning/afternoon is a focus on Stillwater in upstairs, and Monday is American Sours
    • Union Pinewood Derby - This Sunday 2/18
  • Other New Business/Member Announcements

    • BaltiBrew Shirt and Glassware are still available for purchase! Talk to Nick and Christoph if you are interested.
    • Jon is looking for a travel buddy for the Beeradvocate Belgian Beer Fest in Boston in June. Ping him for more information or to coordinate travel. Links for tickets can be found on the Beeradvocate site.
  • Homebrew Swap!