Nonprofit Subcommittee Findings

importantAs those members  attending meetings over the past year know, Baltibrew has entertained the notion of attaining a nonprofit status for a number of reasons.

This issue is important for a wide variety of reasons, but primarily because whatever course we choose to undertake, the decision will affect every member of the club. As such, we ask that every member give it the attention it deserves.

The volunteer nonprofit subcommittee presents its findings in this chart.

Please review the findings to help inform how you will vote on the issue in one week's time. Each situation has a "What does this mean?" response.

If you have questions regarding any of the features and issues presented in the chart, please feel free to make comment on this post, or email the subcommittee direction at We will be happy to help clear up anything you don't understand.

Out of deference to the club as a whole making the decision, the subcommittee will not present a formal recommendation, but individual members of the subcommittee are happy to express how they feel about what was found through the above email address, or in person at the April meeting held tonight, 4/16/2015.