Baltibrew Meeting Minutes March 2015

Meeting Date: 19 March 2015
Meeting led by Steve Hulbert (subbing for Ryan Detter)

Meeting topics:

  • Introduction of new attendees
  • Introduction of newly elected officers
  • Events
    • Toolbrew on Saturday, 21 March
    • Big Brew on Saturday, 2 May
    • Mash Bash in May
  • Guild Update
  • Baltibrew non-profit status discussion
  • Education
    • Charm City Meadworks
  • Ironbrewer Challenge


  • Toolbrew will happen on Saturday, 21 March
    • 8 Baltibrewers are scheduled to attend
  • Big Brew scheduled for Saturday, 2 May
    • Baltibrew will be hosting with Brewtherville Labs and Ladybrew
    • Event to be held at Nepenthe
    • If interested, please reach out to Ciaran
    • Guild will kick in $15 per club for food
  • Mash Bash to occur in May
    • Details TBD

Guild Update:

  • Jon Blair to be the Baltibrew Guild rep for this year
  • Any questions about the guild charter or spirit award, please reach out to Jon

Baltibrew non-profit status discussion:

  • There is general interest in becoming a non-profit, and a number of avenues to explore
  • A working group/sub-committee will be formed to explore these options, and will present back to the group at the April 2015 Baltibrew meeting
    • Ryan Boddy to chair this sub-committee
  • Details have been emailed to the club, please reach out to Ryan


  • Co-czars to focus on different education aspects:
    • Chris (scientist/experimentalist) to focus on experimentation at group brews
      • Any member can propose ideas, Chris will formalize the proposals and pick some to try
      • These proposals may be funded by AHA grants once that system re-opens
    • Bob (lecturer) to focus on discussions of process and ingredients at meetings
    • Brady (Education Czar, connection to the pros) will reach out to professional brewers/vintners
  • James from Charm City Meadworks
    • Began homebrewing in college, is a Master Beekeeper and co-founder of Charm City Meadworks
    • Opened in August 2014, open Friday nights for tastings
    • Focus on drier meads, lots of experimentation
    • Their meads vary in abv, including low abv draft meads
    • Mead tasting!

Ironbrewer Challenge (not barley!)

  • Winner: Jester with his "Deconstructed Cosmopolitan"
  • Next Ironbrewer challenge will be in the May Baltibrew meeting
    • Secret ingredient: Chilis!

Homebrew tasting!

End of meeting