July 2011 Meeting Minutes

Start time:  8:10 p.m.
Meeting opened by John Jester
Introductions & roll call:

  • Josh Rosen
  • Dan - Josh's friend
  • Ryan Detter
  • Jason
  • Steve Hulbert
  • Tony
  • Ben
  • CJ & Katie Wolfe
  • Ayaz - friend of CJ's
  • James - assisting CJ's brews
  • Patrick McAuliffe
  • Dan Lagasse
  • Ben Schwalb
  • Kevin Berry
  • Brent Yanci
  • Ian McDonald
  • John Varney
  • John Jester
    • A few words from Ryan Detter - group overview and the philosophy about Baltibrew. 
      Order of business:

      • Club brew in August?  Straw vote from attendees - yes for August brew.  Potential dates:  Sat, Aug 6, Sat, Aug 13, or Sat, Aug 27.  Due to MASHOUT, Sat, Aug 20 is not possible.  Josh & Dan offered to host now that they have the space if it's Aug 27.  It looks like Sat, Aug 27 will be the date.  We had an offer to hold it at a site in Columbia.  Being a Baltimore City-based club, the next brew needs to be in the city.
      • Discussed BBW 2011 - need to know how we're participating??  Suggested we at least go in at the participating sponsor level.  Chilibrew 4 is our one event.  More events are possible.
      • Chilibrew 4 - probably Fri night or Sunday afternoon.  John Jester suggested opening Sunday, rather than closing Sunday.  Ian compared BBW to Philly beer week.  Call out to other club members from Ian to help organize this fall's Chilibrew 4.  Ian needs sponsors for pint glass???  Prizes for chili & brew??????????
        • Various & Sundry stuff:

          • MASH-OUT - Kevin talked it up - Aug 19-21 - limited to 200 people...click here for more info.
          • Upcoming competitions:  Pratt Street Alehouse has a competition where the winning home brewer will have their brew made by PSA in time for BBW.  Info will be posted here.