March Meeting Minutes, 3 Lions tasting, etc. (Broken Attachment)

March meeting was a success. 13 members in attendance, and we took care of a goodly bit of business, all of which can be read about in the detailed meeting minutes.

We tasted the results of our February, 3 Lions brew, and decided to enter all four versions this past Friday, March 11th. We should hear about the results of the comp later this week.

Coming up fast we have our — still tentative — April 10th brew with Brian "Stillwater" Strumke, and the following week — April 17th — we have Chilibrew 3.0 at the Ash Street Farm in Hampden.

We'll also be having a work day before our April brew to get keggles, mash tuns, and burners built, as well as getting a basic fermentation kit set up.