December Meeting/Holiday Partay

Tonight is our rescheduled regular December meeting at Muggsy's.

Fed Hill winter sceneThere are a few topics to discuss:

  • What/Where to brew in January
  • Last week's Guild Holiday Party — outcomes & opinions — plus! what about next year?
  • Next month's regular meeting — January 6th work for everyone? Everyone back from holiday?
  • How does Baltibrew proceed in 2011? Elections? Treasuries? — You tell us

The thought is that we'll try to take care of these items quickly, and then move on to some revelry.

Thereafter, let's hang out and share some holiday cheer against the frigid onslaught outside.

Bring your significant other and we'll all do our best to avoid alienating them with too much beer geekery. As usual, we are privileged, and welcome to bring homebrew to be shared upstairs — Holiday beers preferred! — but of course, don't forget Muggsy's fine selection of beers and eats!