Baltibrew is a Baltimore City based beer/brew club begun in July of 2009. The club’s overall goals span the enjoyment of beer and other fermented beverages, educating members about beer and brewing, and most importantly, having a good time, all within the city limits.

The focus is on education, so it doesn't matter if you don't know the difference between a wheat beer and an I.P.A. We don't laugh, and we don't judge. We strive to be as inclusive as possible, while supporting the expansion of  the club's diversity whenever we can.

We meet the second Sunday of every month at 3 p.m. (hope to see you there).

Baltibrew Charter/Bylaws

Purpose/Mission Statement

Baltibrew is a non-profit organization, and shall be operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

Our mission is to promote homebrewing, craft beer and the appreciation of both within the club and to the general public through education and research, and through the collection and dissemination of information via our website ( and public events.

Our purpose is to serve as a forum for technological and cross-cultural aspects of the art of homebrewing and to encourage the responsible consumption of alcohol. Baltibrew is not liable for the actions of its members while under the influence, and will hold its members accountable for misconduct while representing the club or attending club-related functions/events, both public and private.

Diversity Statement

Baltibrew is committed to promoting the homebrewing hobby for ALL people: as such, the club aims to support the efforts of member brewers of every ability, background, culture, gender, race, age, and orientation. We work hard to create a space that is light-hearted and fun, but also respectful and actively inclusive for all members and potential members. Racist, sexist, or offensive behavior on the part of its members or their guests is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action as noted in the Conduct section.


Individuals shall be considered members of Baltibrew upon payment of dues. One is considered a member in good standing if current dues are paid in full. One is considered an active member if they have participated in at least 50% of votes from the previous calendar year. New members will be considered active upon the meeting following their initial payment of dues.

Members retain certain privileges, including, but not limited to: participation in club votes, access to the Members Only sections of, and the right to participate in club activities (such as group brews).

Baltibrew meetings are open to the general public. Those who find themselves wanting to continue to attend meetings and/or support the club are strongly encouraged to become members as soon as possible. However, once any individual has attended three (3) meetings, they will be contacted by the Treasurer to pay dues and become a member.

Due to the presence and consumption of alcoholic beverages, membership is restricted to those over the age of 21.


A membership fee (“dues”) shall be paid annually at a rate determined by the club.

Current fee schedules will be posted on

Annual dues are due on the anniversary of the date dues were paid in the previous calendar year.

Any member who is 30 days or more past due on their annual dues shall lose their status as a member in good standing until their dues are paid.

Only Balitbrew members in good standing are eligible to vote on changes to dues.

Whenever possible, dues will be paid online using the membership system on Members who do not use the online system are responsible for paying their dues on time to either the Treasurer or Meeting Czar.


Baltibrew’s primary means of communication to the public is Secondary communication to the public will take place via the Baltibrew mailing list. Public topics include the announcement of club votes, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, etc. Members-only communication will take place via the Members Only section(s) of, personal emails, phone calls, or in person. Members-only topics include the casting of votes, discussion between committee members or Executive Board members, etc.

Members are not required to subscribe to the Baltibrew mailing list, and topics discussed on the mailing list should be related to club business only. Personal discussions, issues and/or opinions, and any inappropriate or irrelevant posts will not be tolerated, and may result in disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, removal from the mailing list.

Executive Board

The Executive Board of Baltibrew shall consist of all currently elected Officers of Baltibrew. The Executive Board will coordinate all Baltibrew activities both public and private over the course of the year. The Executive Board will receive all concerns, proposals, and issues from members at large and will ensure that the concerns, proposals, and issues are addressed in a timely fashion and in accordance with the Charter/By-laws. Issues regarding actions to be taken on behalf of the club will result in a recommendation to be voted upon by the club as a whole.


Baltibrew Officers serve the calendar year (January through December) following their election. Officers are tasked with upholding the bylaws of the club, continuing the mission of the club as delineated within the charter, and are expected to set an example of what it means to be an exemplary member of the club by encouraging participation, communication, and camaraderie amongst members.

Each year, nominations for new Officers will be submitted during the October meeting. Each nomination must have a second to become a candidate for the position, and the nominee must also accept. Additional nominations can be made electronically until the November meeting. At the November meeting, candidates will be allowed brief stump speeches for their desired position. Candidates running unopposed are encouraged, but not required, to make stump speeches. Candidates not in attendance are encouraged to submit their stump speeches to the Meeting Czar so they can be included in the agenda. Following the November meeting, candidates running unopposed will be granted their positions, and an electronic vote will commence for all remaining (contested) positions. Results will be announced at the December meeting, and all elected/granted Officers will assume their positions at the meeting's conclusion.

Requirements and responsibilities to run for and hold office:

  • No member of Baltibrew may hold more than one of the elected positions at any one time.
  • All candidates for elected positions MUST be members of Baltibrew in good standing.
  • Any officer may, at any time, designate an alternate for their position or delegate any of their duties (temporarily or permanently) in the event that the officer is unable to fulfill their duties. Alternates will not be elected, but rather chosen by the elected officer (with their permission). Alternates must possess the skills required to fulfill the duties to which they are assigned.
  • Failure by the officer to perform or delegate his/her duties for three consecutive months shall result in a vote to determine their removal from the elected position. Officers who are removed from their position by vote shall be replaced by the alternate as acting officer for the remainder of the term. In the event that an appointed alternate is no longer able to fulfill the duties of the position or is removed from office, the position shall be made eligible for re-election by popular vote for the remainder of the term.
  • Officers shall have the ability to create posts on All website posts must be relevant to club business. No inappropriate posts will be tolerated, and may result in disciplinary action.
  • All officers can be re-elected. However, officers are required to run for re-election each year and all interested members are encouraged to run for all positions. No preference should be given for incumbency in annual elections.

Chilibrew Czar

  • Serves as the task Czar for Chilibrew, and heads the Chilibrew committee.
  • Assembles sufficient volunteer organizers to plan and execute Chilibrew.
  • Coordinates the production, sale, and storage of club merchandise with the Treasurer.

Education Czar

  • Curates the educational program and presentations at each meeting.
  • Is not responsible for personally presenting the educational topics, but can solicit or coordinate presentations by others.

Free State Homebrew Club Guild (FSHCG) Representative [Guild Rep]

  • Attends bi-monthly FSHCG meetings (6 per year).
  • Delivers payment of annual FSHCG membership dues (check written or reimbursed by Baltibrew).
  • Manages club interactions via email with the FSHCG, promotes club activities/events at Guild meetings.
  • Promotes FSHCG activities, and fosters member participation in Guild events.
  • Organizes Baltibrew participation in the Guild Holiday Party.

Meeting Czar

  • Organizes and hosts the monthly club meetings.
  • Solicits agenda items one week before each meeting.
  • Ensures meeting reminder emails and agenda items are circulated 48 hours or more before a meeting.
  • Runs the monthly meeting.
  • Oversees online votes.
  • Manages the Baltibrew email account, acts as point of contact for new interactions.
  • Manages member status in conjunction with the Treasurer.
  • Must be versed in Robert’s Rules of Order, and will retain one copy for use/reference at monthly meetings.

Social Secretary

  • Records meeting proceedings.
  • Presents meeting minutes to the Webmaster for posting within one week.
  • Curates social activities (including group brews) over the course of the year outside of the monthly meetings.
  • Includes happy hours, meet-ups, brewery tours, etc.
  • Is responsible for event promotion on social media accounts and
  • Manages social media accounts in conjunction with the Webmaster.


  • Manages club funds
  • Distributes funds for club obligations as agreed upon by the Executive Board.
  • Keeps receipts/maintains general records of club expenses.
  • Prepares and submits semi-annual financial reports to the Executive Board.
  • Collects dues
  • Notifies non-members who have attended three (3) meetings to pay dues and become members.
  • Notifies members who have not paid current dues that they may lose status as a member in good standing before the 30-day deadline, and notifies members once they are no longer in good standing.
  • Manages member status in conjunction with the Meeting Czar.
  • Coordinates the production, sale, and storage of Baltibrew merchandise with the Chilibrew Czar.
  • Responsible for obtaining liquor licenses and insurance as needed for events in coordination with the Social Secretary.


  • Maintains and other associated Web content.
  • Manages social media accounts in conjunction with the Social Secretary.
  • Ensures meeting minutes are posted on within one week of each meeting.
  • Reviews website posts by officers for style and appropriateness, as needed.
  • Trains other officers in appropriate use/stylistic consistency.
  • Manages club email list.
  • Moderates electronic discussion.
  • WordPress skills required.


  • Committees are small volunteer groups of Baltibrew members in good standing who come together for specific tasks or projects. Committee members are not elected; any member who wishes to serve on a committee may do so and any member who does not wish to serve on a committee will not be so obligated.
  • Committees are assembled as needed and are not considered permanent bodies. They will dissolve once the project is completed.
  • Committee needs will be determined during club meetings and calls for volunteers to be on these committees will be communicated at meetings and via Baltibrew’s mailing list/website.
  • Examples of previous committees — Chilibrew committee of Czars, National Homebrew Conference committee, Guild Holiday Party committee, nonprofit implementation committee.


Meetings will be held once per month at a time and location noted on All meetings should take place within Baltimore City limits. This does not limit group brews or any other club-related events from occurring outside of Baltimore City limits.

Meeting date(s) and time(s) are subject to change with a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to all members in good standing, and may be changed permanently by vote. All meetings will be governed in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order (a copy of which shall be present at each meeting), and will be overseen by the Meeting Czar.

All attendees are required to sign in at each meeting, identify themselves as either a member or non-member, and whether or not their dues are currently paid to the best of their knowledge. Non-members who have attended three (3) meetings without having paid dues will be contacted by the Treasurer to do so.

Club proposals

  • Proposals for new business will be submitted to members at monthly meetings and/or via post on
  • Proposals should be submitted to the Meeting Czar during the week prior to each meeting. In order to prevent club business from running over the allotted time, new business may be tabled for an electronic discussion or review by all members, then discussed during the next month's meeting.
  • Monthly meeting agendas, proposals, and other items for discussion shall be circulated to members by the Meeting Czar at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • Minutes from meetings shall be recorded by the Social Secretary and posted to by the Webmaster within one week of each meeting.

Club Business/Parliamentary Rules

Club business shall constitute at most one hour (whenever possible) of the meeting agenda.

  • Voting shall take place during monthly meetings or via electronic voting; a simple majority (50%+1) of quorum is required for any motion to pass or fail.
  • A quorum shall be considered the participation of a minimum of 50% of active members in good standing for a vote.
  • Changes to Baltibrew charter, bylaws, or articles will require a quorum of ⅔ of active members in good standing.
  • Votes relating to substantial changes in club practices, business, or substantial expense shall be conducted electronically.

Bylaws Amendments

Any member in good standing may propose amendments or additions to the bylaws at a meeting, with a second being the only requirement to begin club discussion of the matter, and the process of amendment.

Amendments will be presented to the club at large electronically containing the following:

  • The proposed amendment, precisely worded
  • The current bylaw
  • The bylaw as it will read if approved by the club
  • The effective date of the change if passed

Additions will be presented to the club at large electronically containing the following:

  • The proposed addition, precisely worded
  • A procedural case for the addition
  • The new bylaw as it will read if approved by the club
  • The effective date of the change, if passed

Voting on the proposed amendment or addition will take place electronically. A minimum of ⅔ majority is required for alteration to bylaws. A minimum of 75% of members are required to vote yes, no, or no opinion on the proposed amendment in order to ensure sufficient participation. Once the required majority is met or failed the vote will end, and an announcement will be made to the club via and through email.


  • Insurance will be purchased each year via the club Treasurer through the American Homebrewer Association’s club insurance program or comparable entities, and will be renewed annually in September.
  • The insurance purchase will be sufficient to meet the needs of the club and its planned events for the next year.
  • Insurance purchase will be coordinated by the Treasurer, in consultation with other officers and/or the membership as a whole, as needed. Substantial changes to insurance rates or needs will be placed to a vote by club members, as described above.


  • Baltibrew holds its members to a high standard of conduct. With the understanding that the club promotes the appreciation--and therefore consumption--of alcoholic beverages, Baltibrew works to promote an environment of safety and respect for the feelings of its members and guests.
  • Common sense with regard to expression or action should dictate behavior. If in doubt about the propriety of an action or statement, no action is the recommended course.
  • A casual atmosphere is appropriate at meetings, but communications and business matters should be conducted professionally.
  • Unsafe, exclusionary, or other behaviors in contradiction of Baltibrew’s Mission Statement and/or Diversity Statement will not be tolerated, and may result in disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion of the offending member(s) from the club.
  • Concerns of member misconduct shall preferably be addressed by the offended member(s) directly to the offending member in the day(s) following the alleged offense. If a resolution cannot be reached between parties, or the offended member(s) feel strongly that disciplinary action is required, a single formal complaint may be submitted to the Executive Board for review. Upon reviewing the complaint, the Executive Board will present a recommended course of disciplinary action to the club for a vote.

Responsible Consumption

Baltibrew remains in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. While production and consumption of alcoholic beverages is a vital part of our mission, Baltibrew encourages all members and visitors to drink responsibly. Consumption of alcohol by those under legal drinking age is strictly prohibited. Baltibrew is not responsible for the actions of individual members or visitors, nor for their legal consequences.


In the event of dissolution, all of the remaining assets and property of Baltibrew shall, after payment of necessary expenses, be distributed as evenly as possible amongst all members in good standing.

We hope you will consider joining us and helping establish our club within the baltimore beer scene.  We can be contacted HERE for more information.  Cheers!