April 2014 Minutes


Hey guys/gals -

Just a reminder that our monthly meeting is going down THIS Thursday at Nepenthe Homebrew at 8PM. Bring homebrew and a chair, thsi should be mainly focused on tasting since we don’t have a ton to talk about business wise.
  • BIG BREW – May 3rd
  • Guild Updates
  • Discussion on July brew with Killer Ales Homebrew Club
  • Next Baltibrew Social
  • Educational Topic: Side by side tasting of Scottish Wee Heavys and the Triangle Tasting method of Discrimination testing
  • Last but not least: homebrew sampling
see you there fellow home brewers.

May 2014 Minutes




We are rescheduling our march meeting to take place NEXT Thursday March 27th at 8pm.  This is to allow some of our members as well as our lovely hosts Nepenthe to attend a screening of the Brewmore Baltimore documentary.  We hope this doesn’t screw up your plans and you can still attend.

If so, here’s the agenda (and remember to bring a chair and homebrew to share):
  1. Mash Bash is coming!
  2. May Brew Details
  3. NHC  - anyone going?
  4. Print collateral — proposition to produce an agreed upon amount of business cards for the club, and a display holder for the Nepenthe desk.
  5. Ed Topic – TBD – but it’ll be cool.

March Group Brew

Our March Group Brew is scheduled for tomorrow, March 8th, 9 am to 6 pm. We’re making 3 different beers, including an Australian-style BiaB (say whaaaat?), a crimson ale, and a delicious schwarzbier.

The brew will happen at Jonathan Gibbs’ place, in the alley between Lake Ave and Kenneth Square with access from Henderson. Look for folks standing around mash tuns (or just follow your nose) and come down the alley, we’ll be brewing outside. Best parking is on Lake or Henderson.

Heating the strike water begins around 9 a.m. and we’re aiming to be done around 6 p.m. As always, please bring food to share, grillables as we’ll have a charcoal grill going and some homebrews with you for a malty good time.

The Facebook event page also has details.



It’s that time again, Baltibrewers. Our February regular meeting is this Thursday, February 20th at Nepenthe Homebrew. We start at 8 p.m. and the agenda is as follows:

Come check out what Baltibrew has to offer, and remember — bring homebrew to share.


Hey folks, online dues payment is now open! If you didn’t receive an email via the Google Group, here’s your info.

Payment gets you a year of club membership.

Remember, you get access to parts of this site that non-paid users can’t see, a 10% discount at Guild affiliated shops across Maryland, the right to vote on club business, and the right to take home club wort from collective brews.

One small caveat, if you’d like to pay as a couple, we’ll ask you to go ahead and pay the individual rate so you both get a username, and then we’ll reimburse you for the extra expense next time we see you. (Hoping to work that kink out before next year’s re-ups.)

And just so you have some idea what we’ll be using your hard-earned money for:

  • Website upkeep expenses
  • Beer Education events
  • Supplies for style examinations
  • Equipment
  • Club parties
  • General expenses to support Baltibrew’s mission



Baltibrew’s own Jake Scholan was featured on Short On Beer recently, and we figured we’d share both the video, the post, and links to both Jake’s site (Hipster Brewfus) and Short on Beer.

If you’re interested, Jake is running a giveaway contest right now, sponsored by our helpful hosts at Nepenthe Homebrew.

Happy brewing, and happy to be brewing with Jake.


January 2014 Minutes


Hey beer fans! We’re doing another gruit competition at Liam Flynn’s Ale House on February 1st, which just happens to be International Gruit Day. (I swear we didn’t make this up.)

Gruit ales are beers brewed with  NO HOPS, and are usually bittered with herbs and spices. Some of the bittering combinations are said to be psychoactive, so there’s some adventure to entice your palate to joins us.

See the flier, the Facebook event, and the signup form.

If you missed the gruit comp we held during Baltimore Beer Week, here’s your chance to taste some ancient ales — the most extreme beers you’re likely to find in the world. The Germans wouldn’t even CALL it beer according to law.

Hope to see you there!