February Meeting

On the agenda for Thursday 2-19's meeting:

  • Proposed March brew with Brewtherville Labs at the Tool Library
  • Officer nominations and elections
  • Big Brew?
  • Iron Brewer updates/trash talk
  • Guild Notes
  • Dues payment reminder (if you don't pay, you can't vote)
  • Responsible imbibing

Same brew channel (Nepenthe), same brew time (8 p.m.) Bring a chair, yo.

January Meeting Agenda

Happy New Year!


Good morning folks,

Here's the agenda items for this Thursday's (January 15th) meeting. We will be meeting at 8PM at Nepenthe Homebrew. As always, bring a chair and some brew to share.

1. Group Brew Details (Jan 18th)
2. New Club Positions/Questions
3. Dues reminder
4. Iron Brewer Challenge
5. Libation


Note that if you're competing in the iron brewer challenge, you should arrive a little earlier to try and ply as many people with your smokey wares as possible. Sampling for Iron Brewer is completely unstructured so bring a glass and be ready to try as many peated brews as you can before Brady gives us a run-down of what peated malt is and we vote on whose beer is yummiest (or least gross)!
Thanks Everyone,
Amy Huntington
Baltibrewer, Rapscallion, Hero

December Meeting Tonight at 8PM

Tonight we will be meeting for our monthly December meeting at 8PM at Nepenthe Homebrew. For our holiday meeting we like to keep things more social than business so we'll try and limit the serious talk to things that are important and then move onto the sampling of the buuurrrrs. As always, bring a chair and some brew to share. And whether you can make it or not, we'd like to wish everyone a happy holidays. Travel safe and as always, drink good beer (even in the face of opposition such as corona drinkin' uncles or white zin drinkin' aunts):



Meeting, Tonight at 8PM at Nepenthe

Baltibrewers -

It's the third Thursday, so we'll be meeting, as usual, at 8pm at Nepenthe Homebrew. Please bring a chair and brew to share. The meeting part should be pretty quick this month. yay.


-Guild Holiday Party Deets
-January Brew Ideas
-Educational topic (TBD)
-"Sample" beers

Mead Day 2014

wu tang killa bees

Baltibrew Killa Bees! We on a swarm!

Once a year, Baltibrew joins other homebrew clubs in the area at Snyder's Apiaries in White Hall, Maryland to make mead. For those of you unfamiliar with the topic, mead is honey wine — literally, water, honey, yeast, and a little bit of yeast nutrient make mead. It is one of the oldest forms of fermented beverage, was drunk by vikings before going into battle, and done right, it tastes awesome.

Wootown members Lloyd and Ruth Ann Snyder run the apiary, and do us the great courtesy of providing us with the proverbial hook up — cheap honey, an awesome environment, and most importantly great company.

Mead mazing is easy, doesn't take that long, and is really more of an excuse to hang out in the country with other brewers, learn tons about fermented beverages, and drink some awesome examples all made with honey. This really is one of the best brew days we take part in.

Basic Details:

  • Saturday November 1st, 11 a.m. start time  at the home/apiary of Wootowners Lloyd and Ruth-Ann Snyder (4747 Norrisville Road, White Hall, MD 21161)
  • Honey is $4.25 per pound.
  • 12 pounds makes 9.3% mead, 15 pounds makes 11.2% mead.
  • It takes about a half hour per person to maze mead, and usually more than one person is doing so at a time.
  • Snyder's takes cash, check, or credit card.
  • Yeast and yeast nutrient are available or you can bring your own.
  • You will need a clean fermenter, lid or cap, and airlock.
  • Wootown is bringing its whizz-bang, inline water heater, so there's no waiting for large volumes of water to heat up, and will have a stirrer available for aeration.

As usual — but for serious this time — bring food and home or pro brew (Cider, wine, beer) to share. Wootown and its members do an excellent job sharing dishes, and homebrew. We want to come correct as well. Please don't show up empty handed!

Gruit Comp Results

Baltibrew's 2014 version of the Liam Flynn's Gruit Competition was well attended, went smoothly, and seemed to be enjoyed by all. Here are the results:

Celebrity Competition:

  1. Stephen Hulbert — Traditional Gruit
  2. Jude & Dave Finnell — Grindylow Imperial Gruit
  3. Ian McDonald — Grasshopperbock

People's Choice:

  1. Stephen Hulbert — Traditional Gruit
  2. JD Oltman — Orange & Spruce Gruit
  3. Ian McDonald — Grasshopperbock

A fitting end to Baltimore Beer Week 2014, and we hope to see you again next year.

October Meeting + Surprises!

It's already that third Thursday, Baltibrewers, and that means it's time to invade Nepenthe and discuss all things fermentable. We're hoping to make this meeting a little different in that it's happening during Baltimore Beer Week — as such, less business, more beer!

Prior to the meeting (4–7 p.m.), Nepenthe is hosting Virginia's Devil's Backbone for a tasting. If you can get there before the meeting, there might even be some beer left.


  • VERY brief Chilibrew 8 wrap-up, and thanks.
  • VERY brief promo for Mead Day (Saturday 11/1)
  • Gruit comp preview and request for volunteers
  • any Guild notes
  • Ed Topic — Surprise guest speaker, and tasting.

We hope to see you there.

No Hops Gruit Ale Contest

Baltibrew is sponsoring the No Hop Gruit Competition at Liam Flynn’s Ale House during Baltimore Beer Week on October 19th from 4 pm to 6 pm.  Entries for submission will be accepted any time before the event begins at 4 pm.

This year we're sponsored by Baltibrew Homebrew Club, Maryland HomebrewNepenthe Homebrew, and Free State Homebrew Club Guild.      

Register Your Gruit Here


Print, Complete, and Bring This Form with your Gruit

September Regular Meeting

It's that time again, Baltibrewers. Hard to believe it's already the third week in September, but this means it's time to meet at Nepenthe Homebrew at 8 p.m. tomorrow. 

Of key importance to this meeting is Chilibrew, so that will likely take up most of room on the agenda. In fact, our Ed Czars have given us all a break from class so we can focus on preparing for our Beer Week Final Exams.
So quickly, here's what we'll be talking about:
  • Chilibrew Chilibrew Chilibrew
  • Gruit Comp
  • General Beer Week Preparedness
  • Guild Notes (if any)
  • November Mead Day in White Hall
As usual, bring beer to share, and a chair.
Hope to see many of you there.

August 2014 Minutes

August 2014 Minutes